HL Print022 Dog
HL Print022 Dog
HL Print022 Dog
HL Print022 Dog
HL Print022 Dog
HL Print022 Dog
HL Print022 Dog

HL Print022 Dog

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Pick the print size and type of framing of your print to bring any room to life.


Print includes: 4 JPG files.

Your order will include four (4) JPG with different sizes. You'll get every single file described below! Having these multiple files helps ensure that you can print the design at your home or local print shop, however you decide to print. Here are details of each file:

1. Ratio 2:3 for printing:
20x30 inc / 16x24 inc / 12x18 inc / 8x12 inc / 4x6 inc
50x76 cm / 40х60 cm / 30x45 cm / 20x30 cm / 10x15cm

2. Ratio 3:4 for printing:
18x24 inc / 15x20 inc / 12x16 inc / 9x12 inc / 6x8 inc
45x60 cm / 38х50 cm / 30x40 cm / 22x30 cm / 15x20cm

3. Ratio 4:5 for printing:
16x20 inc / 12x15 inc / 8x10 inc / 4x5 inc
40x50 cm / 30х38 cm / 20x25 cm / 10x12 cm

4. Paper Size - ISO (International Standard Size) for printing:
A2 / 420x594 mm
A3 / 297x420 mm
A4 / 210x297 mm
A5 / 148x210 mm


  • No physical product will be shipped and the frame is not included.
  • Make sure to purchase a frame that fits the size of your print.
  • Colours may vary slightly due to different colour monitors and printers.
  • Any texture or filter on the image is intentional.
  • No refunds due to the instant file download.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me.

Henry Lane.